Book Review ” Dreams of Beautiful Whisper” By Tanya Jones.

dreams of beautiful whisper book cover

“Dreams of Beautiful Whisper” is the first book in “The Elves of Eytherfel” series.  The story is about a teenage girl who is forced to move to a village by her parents and discovers that she is an elf. She learns throughout the story exactly what it means to be an elf and the unique transformation her life is going to take.


I would like to start off by saying that at first I didn’t like Amanae ( main character). She seemed really spoiled and self absorbed. As I got further into the story my opinion of her changed dramatically. I really liked how she handled being in the spot light. Turns out she wasn’t self absorbed at all. Quite the opposite. I felt overwhelmed when meeting all the new characters in the village. Mainly due to the uncommon names. That was soon remedied as well. I enjoyed the descriptions of the forest and the lake. I’m an outdoor person as is and I found my mind wandering through these beautiful locations with her.

The love triangle is well written. I couldn’t find it in myself to side with either guy. I like them both.

However, this book has some serious grammar and punctuation issues. Time after time I found myself being drawn out of the story due to this. That irks me. My favorite part of reading is getting lost in another world. Living lives I would otherwise not be able to live. It was very frustrating.

The meat of the story is awesome. With some revision and editing this book would have gotten more stars. However, that’s a real issue that needs to be resolved and I review books as they are and not for how great they could be.

Sadly, I’m going to have to bestow 3 stars on this one. Which pains me… really does. The story deserves better. This story deserves to flow the way it should. Hopefully, the next book will be better.


DID YOU KNOW: Dreams of Beautiful Whisper is one of the Fort Bookworm double-dips? Both Lilyn from Scifi and Scary and myself have reviewed it. Click here to see Lilyn’s review!

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