Mason Mondays

Mason cute


“Mason Monday’s” is a time when I will be boasting and lamenting about my tiny terror of a child. This is not for the faint of heart people. This kid gives me a run for my money every day.

This past week has been fun filled to say the least. Mason has been in a licking phase. Yes, that’s right people…..licking! He thinks it is especially funny to sneak up on me and lick me when I am least expecting it. His favorite place to surprise lick me is my feet! MY FEET!!!! It’s disturbing. It’s disgusting. I do not like it. I am not a fan. Please, please, please child get out of this phase.

If you think licking feet is gross, it gets better than that. Mason licked a frog the other day. Not a toy frog, A REAL LIVE FROG! They are every where in my yard. He love’s to chase them.

Don’t think I had time to stop this disaster from happening. I thought for all the world he was about to lick me. I didn’t even see the frog by my foot. As I moved my foot out of licking range his tongue connected with the back of a frog. I almost hurled right then and there. I almost threw up right on my child’s head. It was that bad.

What reaction did I receive from lord Mason? He laughed and said ” Yucky mommy, lick frog”. No son, I will not now, nor ever be licking any frogs. No frog licking for me….ever. Ever.

To top all that off, Mason wiped a boogie on his daddy tonight. Watching him gag over it almost made up for the entire day of stealth feet licking I’ve had to endure. Almost.

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