Hubby Wednesdays


Hubby Wednesdays is where I get to share all the weird and slightly annoying things my husband does. He’s almost as much of an adventure as our son. I guess the apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree.

My hubsand, like most husbands, can be a big baby. Especially when it comes to waking up in the morning. A lot of the time I feel like a drill Sargent. Here is an especially hilarious event that occurred a few mornings ago.

  • alarm goes off
  •  Me: Daniel turn it off and get up.
  • Daniel lifts his head off the pillow ( he is laying on his stomach) and grabs his phone. He turns off the alarm but is falling asleep with his phone in his hand.
  • Me: Daniel, you have to get up.
  • Daniel opens his eyes and commences to swiping between home screens on his phone like his butt didn’t fall back asleep and he was just looking on his phone.
  • Me: Daniel, you’re just swiping from one home screen to another.
  • Daniel: No i wasn’t. ( as he is literally still doing it )
  • Me: You’re doing it now.
  • Daniel: No i’m not.
  • Daniel: Gees devil woman…..I”ve been up this whole time.

Words had failed me at this point….it was like arguing with a two year old. I got him back though. When i saw him put his shirt on inside out…..I let him leave the house like that. Tag swaying in the wind.

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