Right in the Feels Friday

Everyone experiences some sort of heart ache in their lives. Those experiences leave what I like to refer to as “holes”  in our “hearts”. Some of my particular holes come from having such a crappy childhood as well as teenage years.

As a child, when our needs ( emotional, physical or material ) aren’t met, it leaves us with this feeling of insecurity.

I’ll tell you something that has helped me fill up these holes. It’s doing things for my kid ( and the one i’m pregnant with ). Every time I fill one of his needs, those holes I have start to go away.

Today for example, the husband and I went to pick out and buy paint to do our soon to be daughters room. We put so much thought and love into the raising of our kids. Knowing that my children will never be afraid to ask me for things fills up so many of the holes I have inside. Knowing that I am creating a relationship with them where they can truly be themselves means so much to me. I couldn’t be myself.

I want my kids to feel like I nurtured their curiosity…….not crushed it. I want them to know that even if they mess up…it’s ok. I’m here no matter what. I want my kids asking questions. I want them to shine as bright as they can.

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