Mason Mondays – I Shall Mark My Daddy

Mason 2 year pic

I tried to warn you people in advance that my son is not for the faint of heart. In this weeks post… you will see that I wasn’t kidding.

The Marking of Daddy

So, the hubs usually takes care of the nightly bathing of our little beast. A few days ago my hubs got Mason undressed and sat him on the potty. Usually, he will at the very least pee when you put him on there. Usually…….. This particular night Mason was saving his pee for a very important use.

Now, we have a pile of animals. Three dogs and two cats. My son has witnessed our animals marking various objects in our yard with urine. I’m sure he has even witnessed my husband peeing on something outside. It appears I’m the only civilized person in my house who pees in…shocker…..the bathroom. From all this, I think he gathered that peeing on something was a way to make it yours.

Back to the bathroom…

As my husband was getting the shower temperature ready, Mason started collecting his daddy’s clothes into a pile in the floor.

Then…..he stood right in the middle….and peed. He made sure to move around a little so that the whole pile got some pee on it. Then he looked at my husband and very forcefully said….” My Daddy”.

You’re damn right son. By all the rights and laws of nature…he is now yours.

As for me, apparently I am not in need of marking. ( I’m very okay with this)

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