Hubby Wednesdays: The No Good Very Bad Day

crap 001

Yesterday the cosmos were not aligned in my husbands favor.

First off, he wouldn’t get up and he woke up late for work. Poor Hubby. Then, when he was in the the kitchen trying to make himself a drink, he dumped half a bag of ice in the kitchen floor. Poor hubby. 

As if that’s not enough for just the morning he picked the one cup that I guess the dishwasher cracked and put an entire can of coke in it. Of course, he was in the truck driving down the highway when this happened. Within seconds his whole crotch was drenched. So, now he has to show up to work looking like he’s peed on himself. ( Okay that part is kind of funny)

Shortly after he gets to work I get a call. It went as follows:

Daniel: My crotch is sticky.

Me: Sorry. *giggles*

Daniel: Are you laughing? This is the worst day ever.

Me: * tries to hide giggle with cough* Uh no…I’m not laughing.

Daniel: I look like I peed myself.

Me: * guffaws*

Daniel: think that’s funny huh? Well, I got to see your boob this morning so there.

Me: * gasp* you molested me in my sleep! The audacity!

Daniel: Psht it was all hanging out. I didn’t touch you….by the way…was your pillow wet when you woke up?

Me: Uh…yeah..why?

Daniel: Because you were drooling worse than a teething baby.

Me: I’m glad you dumped coke on your crotch.

Daniel: It’s okay because I still got to see your boob.

Guess that’s the remedy-all for a man. One boob and their whole day is fixed. I guess he could have worse issues. 

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