Local News Thursday’s – Prison System Epic Fail

First off, I know I’m rather late posting this. Let’s all pretend I’m posting on time. Okay? Okay. Glad we got that sorted out.

So, Oklahoma is at it again. Shortly before they go to inject a death row inmate with the lethal poisons to complete his death penalty sentence the corrections official realizes ….Oh crap it’s the wrong drug.  HE HAS THE WRONG DRUG! THIS WAS ALMOST INJECTED INTO A HUMAN BEING! WHAT THE EVER LOVING CRAP PEOPLE? 

In 2014 an inmate was incorrectly administered his lethal injection and was seen to suffer incredible pain due to this. So, apparently new protocols were put into place to see that this didn’t happen again. Shocker…the protocols aren’t being followed correctly.

Great job Oklahoma Department of Corrections. 

Our “wonderful” Governor sends her cronies out and about to see if this other drug will do the trick even though everyone else is telling her that executions need to be stopped until this very serious issue is handled. Which she eventually agrees with. Not without first blabbing some crap about how the victims families deserve justice and shouldn’t have to wait. I’m sorry…do you not realize this man has been on death row for dang near 20 years? Also, I wouldn’t call the inhumane death of a man justice. I would call that equally as atrocious as the crime the man is being punished for to begin with. 

What are we now? People who don’t care how someone is executed as long as the job gets done? Seriously???

Why don’t we just start hanging people on the gallows again and chopping off folks heads? Clearly, what’s more important is that the man dies. Not so much how he dies.

That last bit should be imagined to be dripping in sarcasm…just so you know.

Of course the Governor wants to ” not point fingers” because we don’t know “who’s at fault” for this terrible mix up. 

Are you freaking kidding me? I’d say it’s pretty obvious who is at fault.

If you’re interested in reading the full story the link is HERE.  

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