Mason Monday’s – Leash Trained Parents

crap 323

Mason really must have it out for me. I mean, only he could take something as simple as a jump rope and turn it into a parent leash.

I’m sure you have all heard about or witnessed the use of a child leash. Those cutesy little monkey or whatever backpacks for kids with a leash. Yeah, my son has seen them too. This little turd had to of been planning this.

Over the weekend the hubs and I were playing with Mason in the yard. The hubs was also attempting to declutter his toolbox on his truck. While shifting through the ridiculous amounts of crap he has stashed away in there he came upon an old jump rope. 

Thinking this would be something fun for Mason to play with he hands it to him. My husband jokingly looks at me and says ” ha ha you can use it as a leash”. Oh, someone can for sure…just not me.

Mason brought one end of the jump rope to me and began to lead me around the yard. He even threw in a few ” come on mommy’s” when I apparently wasn’t moving at a suitable pace.

So, for the past few days my child has lead me on many a scouting adventure into various parts of our five acres. 

We have checked out the old barn. We have carefully examined all of the hay bails. He has even wrapped me around a tree and told me to stay. 

If it wasn’t so exhausting, it would be cute. 

I’m almost 31 weeks pregnant. All I want to do is sit down, eat food and nap. On the bright side, I’ve lost a few pounds over the past few days. I guess Mason is helping mommy keep down the baby weight.

Thanks son.

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