This week’s TBR

bellmere common

Summary from Goodreads:

Patrick is informed that he had a long lost Aunt that died 12 months previously. He takes his family to sort through her belongings. Hoping it would give his wife a much needed break from her recent recurring nightmares. Everything starts off well but it isn’t long before an old sinister family secret rears it’s demonic head, bringing death and destruction to all it touches. Will they survive?

This is a review request. It sounds pretty creepy and I look forward to reading it.


Summary from NetGally:

In this hilarious, poignant, over-the-top Western, Jim O’Brien writes the quixotic saga of his ancestors who grew up with a tribe of Comanches. As his grip on reality loosens, O’Brien weaves into the tale modern day stalkers, drug dealers, secret agents, strippers, a mad linguist, an imaginary therapist, Ernest Hemingway, and an RV trip through the soul of the West. Having been displaced, each of the characters must embark on the great American quest for a place to truly call home.

The title alone caught my eye but when I read the description I was hooked. 


Summary from NetGally:

Manufractured is a political thriller set in the Vexton farming community in future America, twenty-five years after a civil war. When a mysterious illness infects the country’s youth, nationwide panic erupts, adding pressure to an already unstable government as it fights to find the cause and cure. Amidst environmental turmoil, a series of high-profile murders suggests a conspiracy that could put America’s entire future in jeopardy.

This just sounds like a wild ride.

This the list for the week. Keep an eye out for reviews!

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