Top Ten Tuesday : Ten Bookish Things I Want/Need to Quit

Oh Hell no gif

This prompt came from Broke and Bookish. They make one heck of a list.

1: Stop reading so much YA!

It seems like that’s been a whole lot of what I’ve been reading lately. I need to mix it up!


2: Stop judging books by their cover.

I am soooo bad at this. Especially in a bookstore. It’s like my attention span is that of a nat all the sudden.


3: Stop reading on my phone.

I already have to wear glasses. I really don’t need to purposefully make my eyes worse.


4: Stop getting so emotionally attached to characters.

I take this too far. I really do. I get way too involved.


5: Read one book at a time.

I’m guilty of reading 2-3 books at a time. It’s a bad habit. I need to give books the attention they deserve.

6: Getting way too embarrassed at sex scenes.

I am a grown ass woman. My hubs tells me that he knows when I’m reading a sex scene in a book because I will blush. Gees, that’s absurd.


7: Stop fixating on one subject or genre.

I was lost in the middle ages for more than six months. I know way more than I should.


8: Stop checking out more books than I can read.

Its me…I do that. I will check out 10 books from the library knowing full well I wont have time to read them all. I’m sorry.


9: Preaching about books to people who have made it clear they don’t like reading.

It’s annoying. I know it is. I can’t help it.

sorry not sorry

10: Intentionally picking books I’m not interested in.

I’m trying to broaden my horizons. But..I just end up unhappy.


I’m starting to realize I have more issues than I thought. I should probably work on that.

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