PSA: Public Restroom Etiquette

I don’t expect public restroom’s to be as clean as mine at home. If I could go without using them, I would. Thing is…I’m pregnant. Pregnant women pee….a lot. There is no option while in public but to use the bathroom. I guess you could pee on yourself…but..I don’t suggest it. 

What happens to people when they use a public restroom? Do you just revert back to a damn caveman and lose all sense of etiquette you ever had? Are you walking into some kind of time portal? I don’t get it.

What I need you to do is just stop. Stop peeing in the floor. Stop wiping crap on stuff. Stop not flushing the god forsaken toilet. I mean, seriously…? Do you act that way at home? Is there shit all over your bathroom? What is the deal folks???


There is no excuse. Don’t talk to me about not wanting to touch the toilet to flush it. Use your damn foot!!! Don’t talk to me about not wanting to touch your butt to the toilet. Ever heard of hovering? NO EXCUSE! 


Also, please think of the poor person who works at the store you just left crap all over the floor in. You know why? Because they have to clean that up! They make minimum wage. That is not near enough money to wipe your crap off the walls. That’s not near enough money to mop your urine off the floor. 

So, just use your manners and act like a civilized human being. 

On behalf of all the pregnant women out there we would greatly appreciate having a decent place to pee while we are out and about.

K thanks bye. 

2 thoughts on “PSA: Public Restroom Etiquette

  1. Great use of Hellboy GIF 10/10 also I hear women’s bathrooms are always horrible but us Men for some reason aren’t too bad usually. I wish I knew why.

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