Things Not to Say or Do Unless You’re a Jerk

Apparently society has fallen so far that we can’t even be courteous to one another. So, here are a few tips of things that you probably shouldn’t say or do unless your goal is to be an asshole. In which case…carry on I guess.

Recently I was telling a friend about the foster classes that my husband and I are taking so that we can get a foster license. 

Her: Aren’t your own kids enough? If you want more kids…why don’t you just keep having them?

Me: What? It’s not about collecting children. It’s about giving a child who desperately needs a loving family a home.

I haven’t talked to that person since. Who says that? WTF is wrong with you? So, I guess you just don’t care about the poor kids who have been abused and are floating in foster limbo. Way to be a great human being. Gees.

Recently I noticed that while at various parties at friend’s houses people were not dumping and rinsing their plates or cups. They were just leaving them where ever in this person’s home. WTF! You are a grown ass person. Dump your dang plate and rinse that sucker off in the sink. I’ll bet money you don’t just leave plates of food around in your house. Well, at least I hope not. If so, you must have a serious bug issue. Gross.

If someone has invited you to an event that you know starts at a particular time and you are going to be late, CALL or TEXT them and let them know! Don’t just show up late or not show up at all. Especially kids birthday parties. You have been planned for food and gift bags. These people have bought this stuff. Don’t RSVP if you aren’t coming. 

If you are invited to a cookout or a dinner at someone’s house and offer or are asked to bring food or drinks, bring enough for everyone. Also, bring good stuff. Don’t bring some really out there off brand nonsense that you know your ass isn’t going to eat or drink. Don’t bring a ridiculously small amount of it either.  Be considerate.

If you throw a party or cookout at your house and you invite people AND their kids, make sure your house or yard isn’t an island of EVERYTHING that could kill my child. You invited my kid. Don’t have glass in your yard. Don’t have hazardous chemicals right out in the open. Don’t leave pets out when you know they aren’t safe for kids. That type of thing is why people with kids never want to go to your stuff. We have to spend the entire time right on our kids butt just to keep them alive. It’s not fun. It’s exhausting.

For cripes sakes people. Get it together.

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