Embarrassing Things Kids do.


So, anyone who has ever had a toddler knows that at some point your kid is going to do something horribly embarrassing. It’s definitely going to be in public too. It’s going to make you wish that you could just vanish into thin air. You are going to avoid the location the incident occurred just in case it has bad toddler ju ju or what not.

Don’t worry though. It happens to us all.

A few weeks ago we had a photographer come out and take my son’s two year old pictures. She is such a sweet lady! She has a daughter who is a toddler. We got to talking as mom’s do and she told me the most embarrassing story ever. It didn’t even happen to me and I was mortified.

While shopping her daughter decides to yell help me at every person she sees. HELP ME. Of all the things you never want your kid to yell I’d say that at least makes top five.

So, of course people are looking at her. They are all probably trying to decide if this kid is just nuts or if this sweet freckled lady is a horrible baby snatcher. Eye’s are being cut in her direction and loud whispers are being exchanged. All the while her child is still blissfully unaware of the devastation her two words have caused because she continues to ask people to help her. My friend of course bails from the store at the first opportunity.

I felt so bad for her! It gets better though.

The next day I took my very own son to the store. He was behaving like a little prince. Didn’t argue with me about getting in the basket. He didn’t holler for a toy. He was being good and looking around. While in an extremely packed isle my son lets out the biggest fart ever. This wasn’t a baby fart. This was a man fart. He of course laughs and loudly says ” Mommy tooted, yucky!”

Every single person in the isle looked at me in disgust.

But, you know what, I’ll take that over “help me” any day.

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