Mason Mondays – The Perfect Gentleman


Am I the only parent who watches a ridiculous transformation take place with your child when you are in public? Sometime’s I feel like I’m dealing with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 

Today I had a doctors appointment and of course I brought captain Mason with me. I very rarely let anyone watch him. Unless I literally have no other option…..Mason come’s with me. Now, don’t get me wrong. The select few people that have watched him in the past have done a spectacular job. I am one of those clingy mom’s who doesn’t like to be away from my kid.


From the minute we walk in through the doors Mason switches on his good boy attitude and turns the cute up to 11. He helps me hold my purse while I’m checking in. He helps me pull out my seat to sit down. He even remembers to bring me a toy from the kids section so that I wouldn’t feel left out. Sharing is caring after all. He’s showing me pictures of animals in the magazine’s and making the noises that are associated with said animals.

This place was full of old people who just couldn’t get enough of this adorable boy. I received so many compliments on my parenting I was bewildered. 

Mason was super sweet to the nurse and the doctor. They gave him candy and a sticker.

All in all he made himself and me look like we had this parenting thing down pat.

I’ll be real with you. It’s not me. I’m not performing any parenting miracles. I just love him and do my best to keep up.

The second I get him into the truck to leave…..the demon came out. He wanted me to tell him a story…then he wanted to sing…then he wanted to throw his toys at me. He wanted his daddy. He had to poop. Then he really did poop.

It was crazy fun. Let me tell you.

But, at least those people in the doctor’s office are sitting at home thinking I’m the mom of the year. 

So, yeah, at least there is that.

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