Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me.

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This prompt came from The Broke and Bookish. This is going to be a fun one!

Ok, so this makes me think of the old saying ” if wishes were fishes…” BUT! Maybe there is a person out there who will smile upon my wishes and grant me free stuff. Come one…you all know you want free stuff too! Freeeeeeeee Stuffffffff!

1: Children’s book’s.

I need more of them. Mason is getting really sick of the one’s we have at home and I think we are on the brink of exhausting our local libraries stash. Plus, an ever increasing amount of books there look like they were used as chew toys. Gross.

2: Cook books for people who suck at cooking.

My husband is going to read this and probably roll his eyes. I don’t do a whole lot of cooking. This is for the good of our family. Trust me on this. I need detailed instructions. I need recipes that use ingredients that I’ve actually heard of. I don’t want to play find the obscure ingredient in this gigantic store game. Just…no.

3: Home school Books.

If anyone were to ever give me something for free. This would be it. That crap is soooo expensive! I mean gees!

4: A home library.

I’m actually well on my way to making this dream come true. I want a room full of nothing but books! Add a really comfortable chair in there too. Oh, and you know…a starbucks. A girl can dream.

5: The ability to read faster.

I read pretty fast but, I have been humbled in this aspect by a friend of mine who also blogs.

( scifi and scary ). That woman has skills.

6: More Historical novels.

I love them. The more accurate, the better.

7: More Classic Literature.

I am amassing quite a collection already. I would like to see that dream come true.

8: More male protagonists in Young Adult novels.

I think this would encourage more young men to read.

9: Meet Phillipa Gregory. My favorite author.

I would love to meet her. The way she brings history to life is amazing.

10: More time to read.

Time…is there ever enough?

Thanks for reading my list. If you bump into the book genie…point him my way.

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