The Twilight Zone Dentist Trip

twlight zone

It’s a sad thing when we get so used to people being rude that when faced with a group of people who are genuinely nice…… it makes a person nervous. That’s the sad truth of the matter though. 

Today I went to the dentist. I know, I know, my life is sooooo glamorous. This place was awesome. It has trains everywhere. There is a track that runs all around the building along the ceiling and a train loops through it every minute or so. My son LOVED it. Needless to say the hubs and I will be installing something similar in Mason’s room before too long. It’s way to cool of an idea not to copy.

Let me paint a picture for you…….

When you walk in the entire place is decorated in train everything.  If Sheldon Cooper were a real person…he would pass out in this place.

download (7)

I was immediately greeted by a woman at the desk. She was smiling and everything. I’m very obviously pregnant and she was soooo excited about it. She was incredibly nice. After a short wait, I was called back to the chair where my teeth would be cleaned and examined. Once again, nice hygienist. Incredibly nice.

The dentist come’s in. Once again, incredibly nice. 

They were all so nice it was damn near sinister. SINISTER.

I really kept waiting for the creepy music to play and someone to come at me with a drill with no anesthetic. Or for someone to knock me out and I’d later wake up in someone’s trunk or storage shed.

Alas, none of that happened. My teeth were cleaned. Another visit was scheduled. Everyone continued to be incredibly nice.

I even got a free t-shirt.

Thanks Hollywood for making me afraid of nice people. 

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