Book Review for “The Boy Who Fell from the Sky” by Jule Owen



London is flooded for the fourth time in ten years, on the eve of the outbreak of the First Space War. With the city locked down, sixteen-year-old Mathew Erlang is confined to his house with only his cat, his robot and his holographic dragons for company.

Watching from his bedroom window, Mathew becomes fascinated by Clara, the young pianist coming each day for her music lesson. But he is not the only one observing her – so is his peculiar and reclusive neighbour, August Lestrange.

When Mathew accidentally finds himself trapped in Lestrange’s house, he opens a door and falls four hundred years into the future, a week before the end of the world, and unwittingly starts to destabilise the course of human history.


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This book is one of the best dystopian novels I have read in awhile. Owen incorporated the time travel element in a really inventive way. Time travel has been written and rewritten about and can make a person sigh sometimes at how often the same themes or methodologies are used. 

Owen puts a fresh spin on it in The Boy Who Fell From The Sky.

The technology in this book is awe inspiring. If I’m still alive in 2055, I hope we have some of the cool tech described in this novel. Especially, the holographic dragons. 

I also really enjoyed how climate change is brought to life in this book. It’s a very real issue that can and will affect all of us in our lifetimes. The descriptions are well done and on par with what I know of the climate models predictions. Clearly, Owen has put a lot of blood, sweat and research into this novel.

The governments protocals to these climate situations were also very believable. Based on how we have seen governments around the world react when any type of climate disaster has struck, I would say this book accurately portrays the type of lock down curfew that could be initiated among other programs.  

The pacing in this book was perfect. There was enough explanation to hook you into each new situation and acclimate you to the world the characters live in without info dumping all over the place. All of the characters are interesting and connected. I like how its a tangled web.

I loved the time travel premise. From the books in the library, to the darkroom, I was eating up every next thing. It’s such a clever idea. 

This book was incredible. I absolutely LOVED it.

Full 5 stars from me.

5 stars

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The Technical Data:

Title: The Boy Who Fell From The Sky | Author(s): Jule Owen |Publisher: Mean Time Books / Publication Date: 9-22-2015 |Pages: 241 (kindle edition) |
ISBN: 9780993409714 | Genre(s): Young Adult Dystopian Time Travel | Language: English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 10-24-2015 | Source: Copy From Author

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