My Hallozooween Adventure


Daniel and I made the mistake last year of taking Mason to the aquarium on Halloween night. BIG MISTAKE. Let me tell you, that place was packed more than a can of sardines. If the zombie apocalypse had begun, we would of been zombie food.

So, this year we wizened up and looked for a place that was not a building crammed full of people. We chose our local zoo. 

It was a blast! Aside from having to park literally a mile away from the entrance that is. To be honest though,  I really wasn’t that upset about the walk. We just bought this fancy Lille Baby carrier and I’ve been itching to use it before the new baby gets here. At a whopping 35 lbs, my son is fast approaching the time where he will be too big for this carrier and if he is still digging being worn, we’ll have to shell out more cash to buy a toddler version. 

Moving on…… there was definitely a lot of people there but it didn’t feel so claustrophobic since it was outside. Sadly, my tiny pirate had to wear a hoodie over his costume so he looked like an old Navy pirate. Old Navy being the brand his sweater proclaims in huge letters on the front. At least it said navy…thats pirate..ish. Humor me…:)

All in all, my son had a great time. They had the place decorated with kid friendly scary stuff and there was lots of glowing flashing stuff. 

I walked about 2 1/2 miles from start to finish with my 35 lb pirate on my back. Considering I’m 34 weeks pregnant I’d say that’s pretty impressive.  

So, if your looking for a fun way to do something other than knock on strangers doors for candy, I would suggest you check out your local zoo and see what they have going on.  We’ll probably make this a yearly thing.

2 thoughts on “My Hallozooween Adventure

  1. I don’t know if our zoo does it on Halloween, but I think they have some kind of Halloween-time event where kids go there dressed up. They put up a lot of lights and Halloween decorations too. It sounds like fun. Congratulations on your expected addition to your family. When is the baby due?


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