The Starbucks Cup Fiasco

red cup

When I first heard of this ridiculous Starbucks cup controversy I thought to myself “who the heck cares”? Apparently, a lot of people.

First off, lets all calm the crap down and remember it’s a damn cup. A CUP! All this rigmarole over a cup. A stinking cup people.

Secondly, no matter what Starbucks did it was bound to piss off someone. Even snowflakes aren’t safe to market anymore.

Thirdly, can we all just stop being so self absorbed for a few minutes and remember that different people celebrate Christmas in different ways.  

America is after all the melting pot of a whole lot of different cultures.

So, my thoughts on the matter are this…… not every business should have to cater to one culture or religion. Actually, they shouldn’t have to cater to anything. If they want to do away with cups altogether they can. It’s their business. Stop with the persecution complex. Stop trying to turn everything into something about you. It’s not about you. Its a cup. A CUP.

That being said, I’m aware a certain pastor has encouraged people to go into Starbucks and tell the barista that their name is “Merry Christmas”. 

Don’t you people realize that your not solving anything? Don’t you people realize that you are doing the exact opposite of what you need to do to make a change? Giving more money to a business is just going to encourage them to do exactly as they have done. Do you know why? Because it’s a business and businesses want to make money. As long as you keep coming in and buying their stuff, they will continue to do whatever they need to do to keep you buying.

Profit and all that.

In conclusion,

It’s a cup. A red cup. It’s not an attack on anyone’s religion. It’s not a corporate scheme to devalue Christmas. It’s just a cup. Anything else is your over active imagination.  Put that fervor into a cause that needs it. Like feeding the homeless or voting decent people into public office. Do something that matters if you are going to do anything at all.

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