It’s Never Dull in Oklahoma

Photo Credit goes to Cody Hankins

Photo Credit goes to Cody Hankins

It’s never dull in the state shaped like a sauce pan. Today is no exception.

Early this morning I received a weather alert for high winds on my cell. They weren’t kidding. We have gusts over 50 mph today. 50!

Normally, I would play it safe and hang out at the house on day’s when Oklahoma has lost it’s damn mind and is trying to kill all it’s inhabitants. Sadly, I didn’t have that option today. I had to drive to Tulsa (A.K.A land of the worst drivers ever) for a doctors appointment.

Mason and I braved the wind in an attempt to make it to our truck in the driveway. The wind almost blew off my son’s shirt. It was literally lifting off his head right as I caught it. The whole time he was flailing his arms and yelling “NO NO WIND! MY SHIRT!”. So, that wasn’t a great start for sure.

While buckling my son into his car seat the wind slammed the truck door into my thighs. I’m probably going to bruise horrifically. 

I finally made it to my side of the truck. Of course the wind is blowing in every dang direction so there was no relief on that side either. It took all my strength just to get the dang door open and throw myself inside.

Just getting into the truck was exhausting.

Driving down the highway toward Tulsa and wouldn’t you know it there is a wreck. So, naturally traffic is backed way up. 

Here’s the best part. The wreck was on THE OTHER SIDE of the highway. Safely blocked from my side by the center median. Did that stop people from slowing down to -50 to rubber neck? You know it didn’t. Every idiot was craning their neck in the vain attempt to witness some carnage.

Assholes…the whole lot of them.

Fast forward ……

The hubs and I are walking to the truck after eating lunch. Wind still at rip-your-flesh-off speed. I’m carrying Mason because even at 35 lbs I was worried the wind would pick him up as a sacrifice or something. Don’t judge me.

My hair is flying every where and Mason once again addresses the wind gods with his fury ” NO WIND! MY MOMMY HAIR!” So, yeah. It’s good to know my kid is defending my hair follicles from the wrath of the wind gods.

It’s appreciated. I would look like shit if I were bald. No doubt. Thanks son.

The hubs secured our valiant child while I attempted to enter the truck myself. Yeah, not gonna happen. Even with really putting my ass into it I couldn’t get the dang door open.

On the way home it was the same routine with traffic. Another wreck…shit traffic….on the other side of the highway.

I dislike my fellow Oklahoman’s some days.

Finally got home and made it safely in the house when a tree branch fell right across the path I took to the front door. So yeah, near death experience.  

Thanks Oklahoma for being such a delightful place to live. It’s great…..

I’d rather have tigers on the loose and flooding again. 

Oklahoma Weather Conditions tiger

One thought on “It’s Never Dull in Oklahoma

  1. Ha! So sorry about the wind and your hair follicles, but this really cracked me up! Arkansas weather can be just as unpredictable, like when the high on Monday was 40 degrees but on Tuesday we had a tornado warning! Crazy!


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