Book Review “The Cresecren Chronicles – Novus” by Crystal Marcos



“Official Selection” Winner in the E-Book Young Adult category, 2015 New Apple Book Awards!
Winner Best Books in the Young Adult category, 2016 Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards!
“Honorable Mention” Winner in the Sci-fi category, 2016 New York Book Festival!
B.R.A.G Medallion Honoree, 2016 indieBRAG!
“Honorable Mention” Winner in the Young Adult category, 2016 Hollywood Book Festival!
 Bronze Medal Winner in the Young Adult – General category, 2016 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards!
 Award Finalist in the Young Adult category, 2016 Book Excellence Awards!

Being a teenager is hard enough. And what if your life’s path is predetermined? On top of that, you aren’t even Human?

Cayden was given life as a Cresecren. He expected to live out his days with the dysfunctional Human family he was assigned to serve. One fateful night, however, landed him in Gavaron, the home of maimed, elderly, or defiant Cresecren.

Beyond its borders is the Den, an area much more dangerous than he ever imagined. Now seventeen, Cayden unwittingly becomes involved in a conspiracy and is one of a handful of survivors fleeing a deadly attack. They set off on a perilous journey in search of refuge and the truth. Along the way, Cayden begins to comprehend the difference between fully living and merely surviving, while trying to balance his emotions and a forbidden love.

New Cover NOVUS

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This book blew my mind. It was that good. When I got to the end I was desperately swiping at my phone in disbelief. I didn’t want it to be over. 

Where is the next book!? I NEED the next book!

Marcos’ world building  is fantastic. I was captivated by this new world. The premise here is intriguing. I hate to say it but, this could actually happen. 

As human’s we are not above manipulating biology for our own uses. We are also not above treating others as slaves. 

Our history is littered with instances that prove that.

This book has so many facets. It gives us a look into a world that is definitely set in a caste system. It has a network of people trying to change the world for the better while also showing a side where that “better world” is forced. The network is sort of like an “underground railroad”.

Civil rights issues galore. Also, interesting philosophical questions! 

The writing here is fabulous. There are no holes or confusing elements. All is thoroughly explained without info dumping. Each character is unique and relatable. Emotions are portrayed in a way that breeds empathy. You will get attached to these people. 

The action is paced perfectly. There are no real lulls that make you want to flip ahead. Every word that’s written has purpose. 

The plot is clever and tied up nicely in the end. It doesn’t leave you hanging but still manages to make you anxious for the next book. There is not a cliff hanger and this is a complete book.

I am sooooo glad this is going to be a series. 

I loved this book and I will be reading the next !

This book gets the full 5 stars.

5 stars

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The Technical Data:

Title: The Cresecren Chronicles – Novus | Author(s): Crystal Marcos |Publisher: Cat Marcs Publishing / Publication Date: 8-28-2015 | Pages: 318 (ebook) | ISBN: B010OI7UIM | Genre(s): Dystopian young adult science fiction | Language: English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 11-19-2015 | Source: Copy From Author



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