Indie Author Spotlight for Nancy Glynn

Nancy Glynn is an amazing author! I have reviewed one of her books on my page. “Black 21” received 5 stars from me. It was a very unique book. I have two more of Mrs Glynn’s books scheduled for review in the next few months. Keep an eye out for reviews!

If you would like to see the review for “Black 21” Click the title.


Nancy Glynn Author Pic

Author Bio:

I’ve been writing forever, it feels.  It’s in my heart, my soul, my blood, and just won’t let go. Won’t. Let. Go. I CAN’T.  I’ve even written and registered a screenplay adaptation of Black 21 in the WGA, a very fun experience!  It’s also a very hard industry to break into and won’t be pursuing it.  As an indie author, I’m learning all there is in the publishing world, and that includes the yuck, but it also includes the wonderful aspects!  I hope you take this ride with me.  Oh, and I’ve also created the paperback edition on CreateSpace along with Kindle.

I’ve read all the great horrors from Stephen King as a teen. Carrie had telekinetic powers like my Daisy, except Carrie’s started with her menstrual period.

We have dreams for a reason, and it’s a crime if we don’t follow them. Always strive to be the best, and your dream will come true!  As long as I have the support of my husband and kids, and I make a new friend (You!), and hopefully a fan of my work, I’m good!

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The Interview

Q: Your book “Black 21” is about a satanic cult. How did you go about researching for it?

NG: Google is an author’s best friend. But I also used my imagination quite a lot in this story. I’ve watched so many horror movies that they’ve woven a dark little web in the corners of my mind, ha! The story just called for it to be told in this way, and I went with it. I didn’t set out to make this about an occult story, it just formed that way in my mind. Even as I researched on the Web, some of the things blew my mind away that there really are cults out there that practice such things. I go even deeper in my sequel, Lana’s Calling, and grabbed more from the Internet than what I could ever make up. It’s pretty frightening.

Me– The NSA probably eat popcorn as they watch your internet browsing. Ha Ha

Q: In your book, promiscuous behavior is punished severely by Jack who puts a high value on virginity. Do you think that the importance of being a virgin is related to religious dogma?


Well, I honestly never looked at it like that before, but I guess it does come off like that. The thing with Jack was he wanted Daisy to be pure for the embodiment of his son one day (the antichrist). He was ticked when it didn’t exactly go that way, thanks to Dane. He had planned for Daisy to be born of lust and not love through an illicit affair, but it didn’t go that way as told in Rose’s Sin. I know some readers might feel this is coming from a religious standpoint, but it’s not meant that way at all. It’s just about how light can overcome any darkness, to believe in yourself; that is the sole message. Jack represents that darkness in all of us that fight the good. I don’t consider myself a religious person, and don’t want any readers to feel I’m sending that message out. This is purely a story for entertainment that happened to have an MC who believed strongly in God (good/herself). For Daisy to have had any kind of sexual contact (her struggle with Christian Stone and even Eric’s feelings toward her), it would ignite any chemical reactions, as told by the priest, and that it would weaken her for what she needed to do in the end. In my sequel, Daisy’s daughter will pretty much be the opposite of her, fueled by revenge. Exactly what Jack does want.

Me– While I was reading I definitely didn’t get any preachy vibes from the story. I thought you did a great job of weaving religion into the story as more of a strength type of thing than a religious thing. I saw the struggle of light and dark.

Q: Where did the idea for this book come from?

Okay, when I first set out to write this story, it came from a dream I had of a girl at a table with two men, and they were arguing over her, like a bet. I ran to my computer and wrote that scene. That was about 10 years ago. I began to write, and was going to make this a simple romance story without the supernatural lore. The dance was a homecoming dance in a college football town. It was horrible. I let that story go, had my 3rd child, and then went back to it a year ago. I honestly couldn’t tell you where the idea came from to turn it into an occult story; it just came to me? When I sat to rewrite this, the spooky elements rushed through my writing and the name Black 21 formed. I love Stephen King and believe Carrie inspired my Daisy. Also, Rosemary’s Baby inspired the occult theme. I grew up on these books and movies, plus a healthy dose of bodice-rippers, ha! It made perfect sense to write what I love: Horror with Romance. I’ve said many times before I can’t write one without the other. I love anything paranormal and beyond our grasp. The mysterious. The immortal soul.

Q: As a writer, what do you think are the most important things a book must have to be successful?

I think in order for a book to be successful, it needs an element of surprise, an unpredictable story line that will leave the reader guessing to the end. This can be done in any genre, not just mysteries, thrillers, or suspense. It needs to make the reader want to turn the page to see what happens next, a good plot structure, and scenes that just make sense to the whole story. Also, a good grasp of grammar and sentence structure provides nice flow, keeping the reader immersed in the story. Character development is very important so you can empathize with each one, even the bad ones.

Q: Do you have any odd writing quirks?

Let’s see, writing quirks…um, I need my nails practically cut down to the bone. If I feel my nails on the keys, drives me crazy!

Q: What advice would you give to new writers?

Don’t listen to that negative voice in your head; it’s a bad voice! Don’t compare yourself, as I used to and would stop writing when I read a great book. Don’t wait for inspiration to hit. Just sit at the keyboard and go to town! The story WILL come to you. It’s there, deep within your soul. Keep your own voice in your writing. Before I self-published, I never would have believed I could do all the things I’m doing now, such as designing my own website, promoting, formatting correctly for Kindle, creating printed versions, and doing these awesome interviews. Never! I would never have guessed that about myself. You can do it, too.

Just For Fun Questions:

Q: If you could go back in time, what time period would you visit and what would you do?

I guess I’d go back to the 1950s, and tell these women they are intelligent and can do things without needing their husband’s permission, to only get married if they want. They can do anything and deserve the same respect. My husband does the cooking and the grocery shopping; they would baulk at such a thing!

Me— *Virtual Fist Bump* My hubs does most of the cooking too. We would starve if left up to me.

Q: If there was one thing that you could change about the world, what would you change?

I’d change the safety of our schools, or lack thereof, and make it harder for these mass murders of our children. It’s become an epidemic and needs to change.

Q: What was something you thought was totally cool as a teenager but now wish you had never done or worn?

Having boyfriends and staying out late, missing school because of those late nights. I wish I would have taken that time more seriously, but I guess I turned out fine.

Q: If the zombie apocalypse actually happened, what would be your survival game plan?

Hmmm, zombies, huh? Well, I guess I’d get my family and zoo of animals safe and put away in some zombie shelter I’d have buried under my house, stock it with plenty of food, and wait it out. I might even consider guns at that point since I don’t believe in them now, but I think that would keep them at bay. The only zombie movie I’ve ever seen was Night of the Living Dead, and that movie still gives me the willies. Oh, and I also watched Warm Bodies with my daughter. Never read a zombie book!



Summary from Goodreads:

Growing up sheltered by an overprotective father, gifted Daisy was determined to be independent and free, but freedom comes with a hefty price. On what appears to be an innocent family visit in the country, a strange deal is struck with Daisy. Not all things are what they seem. Twenty-first birthdays take on a whole new meaning in this hideaway town. Thrown into an occult world filled with sinister lies, Daisy spirals down a destructive path of despair, taking risks for a man she hardly knows. But this man knows her very well. There’s a reason she’s been sheltered. On a mission to seek the truth, she encounters a shocking past with the darkest of conspiracies revealed.

Intended for mature audiences of 18+ due to mature subject matter.

This book is available for purchase through Amazon. Click the title

“Black 21”

I highly recommend this book. It has my stamp of approval!

dino stamp of approval


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