Book Review for “Irony : The Animal” by Robert Shroud

irony book cover

Summary from Goodreads:

Detective Reginald Thomas Williams was on the fast track to promotional success. Now, subsequent to the shooting, he is a man barely holding on. His wife left him. He’s two steps away from being a full blown alcoholic, and there is a serial killer nicknamed The Animal loose on Bay City’s streets. Can he hold it together long enough to get his man and reclaim his life? Will his wife even want him back? Who is this Animal that has the city’s female population afraid to go out at night? Is The Animal really who everyone thinks he is? Follow the investigation to learn the answers to these questions and more, in Author Robert Shroud’s new book Irony.


This was a fast paced mystery/crime novel. My head was spinning. From the very beginning to the very end you are sucked into the eyes and ears of Reg. His life becomes your life. His woes become your woes. Splendid novel.

The pacing of this book is on point. That’s a make it or break it with this type of novel. It definitely fits in the make it category. 

My heart went out to Reg. Being a detective has to be a hard life. Not only do you witness horrible things but you are expected to be perfect at all times and to never ever mess up. 

Accidents happen though. And Reg does mess up.

His wife leaving him tears him apart. This poor man has the worst run of luck.

The Animal throws you for a loop. Half of you wants to hate him for what he does but the other half sees a very abused person who is suffering from an extreme mental illness. 

The plot line is clever to say the least. I put together who the killer was pretty quick but that was the authors intention. I actually enjoyed knowing who the killer was before the main character. I could enjoy watching him work out the puzzle without being distracted by my own musings. 

The ending will surprise the crap out of you. Not for one minute did that possible outcome even cross my mind. I was totally thrown off guard.

I loved this book and definitely look forward to reading the next.

This book gets the full 5 stars.

5 stars

This book is available for purchase through Amazon. Click the title “Irony: The Animal” It is also available as a free download!!

I personally recommend this book. It has my official stamp of approval.

dino stamp of approval

The Technical Data:

Title: Irony: The Animal (book 1) | Author(s): Robert Shroud |

Publisher: Robert Shroud / Publication Date: 1-12-2014 | Pages: 120 (Kindle) |ISBN: B00H9FTJC4 | Genre(s): Crime / Mystery | Language: English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 11-23-2015 | Source: Copy From Author


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