New Baby Jitters

So, if this tiny daughter of mine doesn’t decide to vacate on her own by the 9th, she is being evicted. This is an attempt to avoid having a c-section. She will be 40 weeks on the 9th and is already measuring bigger than my son was. 

At a whopping 5’2, my size and the the size of this baby is definitely something I have to consider. I ripped pretty good with my first and would really like to avoid being cut open on an operating table.

Amazingly, (insert sarcasm here) I have gotten some flak about choosing to induce and my fear of the c-section. 

I have a pretty one size fits all reply to that criticism.  My vagina is my business. Plain and simple.

We all have fears. Mine is being cut open and having a baby pulled from my abdomen. My dreams have conjured up all kinds of grotesque scenes of this procedure. I would just rather avoid it if at all possible.

So, it’s t-minus baby time here at the Sumner house.

I am fully prepared thanks to the nesting the husband and I have both been enduring. I don’t think there is a single thing out of place in our house.

Of course, I’m already emotional about it. Being pregnant has had it’s ups and downs and I’m ready to meet our daughter but I will miss her kicks.

I have the perfect meme to represent my feelings.


That’s all folks. Keep an eye out for baby updates. 


2 thoughts on “New Baby Jitters

  1. Fingers crossed she’ll come on her own! I’ve had 3 C-sections, first due to huge baby at 10 pounds and being breech, and then just had them next ones scheduled. I’m also 5’2, but hubby is 6’4 so he gave me some big babies! If you do have a C-section, they’re not that bad. I couldn’t imagine what giving birth vaginally would be like! Good luck and keep us posted!

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  2. Thanks! My hubs is 6’3 so we have to keep an eye on babies size. I’m glad that having a c section is an option, I just have a real illogical fear of it. I’m glad it turned out well for you!


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