Book Review “Christmapus – The Christmas Octopus” Paul Mattingly / E. Andrew Taylor

Summary from Goodreads: 

Chris the octopus was content as could be under the sea. He knew nothing of Christmas or holiday cheer. That was until, one day, Santa Claus lost his famous hat … and it found a new home on Chris’ head! Paul Mattingly and F. Andrew Taylor tell the illustrated story of what happened to Chris in this rhyming tale that puts a twisted spin on traditional holiday children’s books (which means adults will get as much, if not more, of a kick from it).


This is not a Christmas tale for children. This is appropriate for late teens and adults.

“Christmapus” is a hilarious comedic telling of spreading the joys of Christmas. Even to those pesky people who have found their selves on Santa’s naughty list! 

The Christmas Octopus Chris and his wino steed do not discriminate as they hand out their holiday loot. This pisses off the jolly ol Santa. I mean he did check his list twice. He has a system.

I liked the story. It’s rhyming and cadence were fun. The story although humorous still has a moral point. 

Even people like wino’s deserve to enjoy Christmas. Regardless of what some bearded fat man decides.

The illustrations are fun and follow the story well.

It’s a fun gift for the person in your life who enjoys a bit of sideways humor. 

I give it the full 5 stars.

5 stars

This tale is available for purchase through Amazon. Click the title “Christmapus : The Christmas Octopus” 


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The Technical Data:

Title: Christmapus: The Christmas Octopus | Author(s): Paul Mattingly / E. Andrew Taylor |

Publisher: POP! Goes the Icon / Publication Date: 12-1-2015 | Pages: 35 (Paperback) |ISBN: B0189DK0S6 | Genre(s): Adult Humor Holiday |Language: English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 12-6-2015 | Source: Copy from Publisher



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