Book Review “Aerisia : Field Of Battle” by Sarah Ashwood

Summary from Goodreads:

As the Dark Powers and their dreaded champion gather their forces, all of Aerisia holds it breath while Hannah Winters, their long-prophesied Artan, continues her quest in the Underworld. Should she overcome its deadly snares, is warfare against the Dark One all that awaits? Or is there a chance for love with the immortal Simathe High-Chief, and a lasting peace for her adopted homeland? To fulfill prophecy, she’ll have to triumph where other Aerisian champions have failed, which means surviving betrayal by friends and contesting the full might of the Dark Powers. To succeed and live, she’ll have to defeat an enemy no one could have predicted with a power no one knew she possessed. Friendship and treachery, love and hatred, faith and despair, and life and death will all be played out on the final field of battle, in an epic struggle not only for Aerisia’s survival, but its Artan’s, as well…


This is the series that keeps on giving! Every book has been amazing. This one was the perfect icing on the cake!

A lot of things come together in this book. All the legends and prophecies finally come to life. And what a glorious way they do. The descriptions are captivating.

I’ll admit I binge read this book. I couldn’t put it down. I HAD to know what happened. I was hanging on each word. The suspense is perfect. It captivates you and you’re literally on edge until it ends.

I finally felt like I really got to know who Ilgard was in this book. His feelings and confusion from the other books are finally worked out and we get to see what a truly complex man he really is. I think this was important. The Simathe are so mysterious in the other books but this time we are able to see them more as the men they are instead of something less than human. I truly loved how this prejudice was solved. In my imagination, I see their future as less bleak and lonely. I see them becoming more intertwined in society.   I love this solution. It brings a sense of togetherness to the book. A real moral salvation if you will.

Hannah really does embrace being the Artan. It was fascinating to watch her transform into this amazing woman throughout the series.  Her character will stick with me for a good while. She feels like an old friend at this point.

The battle was fantastically written. Just the right amount of suspense and complications. The Artan and the Evil are matched in a great way. I liked how Hannah had to give all she had to the fight. I won’t spoil it but, you’re never going to guess who the evil turns out to be. I never once thought that was who it was. I was taken delightfully by surprise. 

The ending is spectacular. As a reader, I was filled with woe and misery the whole ride with Ilgard. I was proud of Hannah, but was also miserable. I kept hoping things would change. I didn’t have any idea they would change like they did. It was a perfect ending though. It tied up all the lose ends wonderfully.

I came away from this book completely happy. What more could I ask for?

I give this book the full 5 stars.

5 stars

This book is available for purchase through Amazon. Click the title “Aerisia: Field Of Battle”

The Technical Data:

Title: Aerisia – Field Of Battle (book 3) | Author(s): Sarah Ashwood |Publisher: Griffineus Publications / Publication Date: 3-11-2015 | Pages: 254 (print) |ISBN: 9781508710103 | Genre(s): Fantasy | Language: English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 12-10-2015 | Source: Copy From Author


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