Hubby Wednesday’s “Thou Shall Not Eat Baby Formula Powder”

Here at the Sumner house we have been missing out on a load of sleep. We have this situation called…Living With A Newborn.

This particular princess wants to eat on average every 45 mins to an hour. ALL DAY LONG. My boobs just can’t keep up. So, we are having to supplement with formula.

Now that you have this knowledge I’ll regale you with a tale most humorous ( and not the bone).


It was Daniel’s shift for Princess duty. 

Fianna woke up and was hangry. For those of you not accustomed to the slang of america’s youth…that means hungry and angry. FYI.

She was squalling her tiny baby lungs out.

Daniel in his semi awake state was in the kitchen attempting to make a bottle to appease princess Fianna.

Daniel likes to work out. He is BUFF. ( I’m his wife, I can brag lol) So, those tiny scoopers are no stranger to him.

In his very sleep deprived state he automatically puts the scooper full of formula IN HIS MOUTH. His MOUTH people. Straight powder.

This is about the time my sweet husband realized the extreme folly of his actions. This is when instant re-fucking-gret hit my poor hubs.


As he was becoming more human than sleep zombie he tried to decide if swallowing or walking to the sink was going to be worse. He chose to spit.

Take that as you will.

Thus we have the story of a poor sleep deprived man just trying to take get some foods for his tiny daughter. Life is rough man. Life is rough. 


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