Book Review “In Gallup, Greed” by Tower Lowe

Summary from Goodreads:

Lonnie is stabbed to death while his sister, Mirage, is in a black out. Did she kill him? Gallup, New Mexico provides the backdrop for greed, scrambled brains, illicit love, and murder in this mystery thriller. Cinnamon and Burro trail a gallery owner, a young boy with TBI, and a group of greedy young artists through the high desert, looking for a murderer. Burro suffers visions of the crime. Spirits communicate with the suspects. Cinnamon and Burro search for answers and the illusive Momma makes a phone call from the past.


This was a damn good book. 

Cinnamon and Burro are characters that will stick with me for awhile. They are so creatively written.

I really enjoyed how Burro’s visions are folded into solving the mystery of who stabbed Lonnie. They add color to the story that help make this mystery as unique as it is.

For Cinnamon, the obsession to find her mother translates well to the reader. I could feel her mixed emotions. I could feel the pull of her obsession. It’s like a string is tied to her and every now and then there will be this mysterious tug to keep the obsession alive. 

I’ll be honest and tell you I had no idea who killed Lonnie until it was revealed. The person I though may of done it, doesn’t. I was delightfully surprised. 

That is a sure sign of a well written mystery. I don’t want it to be easy. 

Each character in this book is unique yet relatable. From those who are experiencing mental illness to those who are spiritual; the bones of each character are intriguing. 

There could not be a better setting for a story like this than New Mexico. From the arid climate to the majestic landscape, the setting brings up a type of spiritual mystery all it’s own.

I have been to New Mexico and was overjoyed that the author was able to capture those feelings and translate them so well into words.

All in all this was a fantastic book that I was truly sorry to see end. Thankfully, it’s a series. Oh, how I do love a series.

I grant this book the full 5 stars. It was unique and wonderfully written.

5 stars

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“In Gallup, Greed”

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The Technical Data:

Title: In Gallup, Greed | Author(s): Tower Lowe |

Publisher: Eiffel Tower Publishers / Publication Date: 6-25-2014 | Pages: 280 (Paperback) |ISBN: B00LBG4TA4 | Genre(s): Mystery | Language: English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 12-18-2015 | Source: Copy From Author



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