Why I’m voting for Bernie

Lets be honest with each other for a moment. How often have you looked at your sleeping child in the morning and wished you didn’t have to go spend 12+ hours away from them?

How often have you looked outside at the sinking sun and felt sad because you won’t get home before dark to play outside with your kid.

For my husband, this is everyday.

I want to talk about this particular meme because I feel that it really resonates with the working class. This meme is our life. 

I’m not at all against working. I realize we all play a role in society for it to function and the necessity of those roles. I also realize the necessity of money. Without it, we have nothing. No food. No water. No home. Nothing.

Here’s my problem. Why is most of our lives spent working? Shouldn’t the balance there be tipped a bit more in our favor? Shouldn’t we at least have some time to spend actually living? Shouldn’t we have some time to make memories?

Most of the people in the middle class are living paycheck to paycheck. Missing even one day of work can be devastating. With the constant increase in the price of housing, food, clothing ect… every single dollar we make matters. Pay increases are few and far between.

This meme brings about thoughts that those of us who work countless hours for very little pay try to push to the back of our brains. We try to focus on today and live for now. We are in survival mode.

That’s a damn shame if you ask me. Because this meme is real life. It is the cold hard truth.

Because tell me this, all those hours at work aren’t going to make you feel fulfilled when death is knocking on your door.

All those extra hours spent working to make someone else rich isn’t going to mean a damn thing when your body is broke down and you can’t even enjoy retirement.  

That is, if you can retire.

So, when your chance come’s to vote, vote in someone who is going to make a change for those of us who are tired of missing family events.

Vote in someone who knows what it is like to be broke.

Raise your voice and yell at anyone who will listen. Call this government on it’s bullshit.

Raise your voice for change. 

Be the reason our kids don’t have these struggles. Be the reason the next generation has healthcare and free college tuition. 

Stand up and be the person who can tell your kids that you did all you could to give them the best you could. That means changing policies. That means regulation.

This meme is the reason I’ll be voting for Bernie Sanders. 

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