Christmas Fail

If my mother in law were alive, she would of kicked my ass this Christmas.

Pictures were of the utmost importance to her. I’ll agree that they are important and I have tried to capture memories via my camera lens as often as I can.

I recently got a new memory card for my phone. All these ebooks I download will fill up the memory on a phone real quick. I assumed all my stuff was moved over to my memory card. 

I am not the most technologically inclined person. 

So, when Mason ran down the hallway yesterday morning to open his presents I had my phone poised for picture taking glory.

I hit the button and wham bam a message pops up telling me I don’t have enough memory to take a picture. Are you freaking kidding me?

There was no stalling Mason. He was dead set on opening those presents. So, we let him. Sue me. We got some video with my hubs very old craptastic phone while I tried to free up some memory on mine while being yelled at by Fianna because I didn’t have my boob immediately available the second she decided she was hungry.

It was a bit chaotic. To say the least.

So, if ghosts exist (which I hope they don’t cause that is scary as hell) I am sorry Stacey. I failed big time on memory catching. I’ll do better next year. I’ll even put batteries in my actual camera. 

Honestly though, it was nice actually seeing the memories with my eyes instead of through my camera. Just saying.

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