Vet Get’s His Dogs Back


This Veteran had a heart attack back in September. His dogs were taken since he was now unable to care for them. Months later he goes to try and get his dog’s back only to find out he must pay adoption fees. A bunch of volunteers got together and paid the adoption fees for this man as well as donated money to get the dogs some food and other necessities.

What these volunteers did was amazing. I’ll say that first.

What isn’t amazing is that this man clearly loves his dogs. Since he was put in a situation beyond his control and they took his family (dogs) from him and were just going to sell them to someone else? 

They were going to make him pay to get his own dogs back.


Why couldn’t the dogs be put into a foster situation until this man became well again? 

It is appalling that they were just going to pack them off with someone else. I don’t know about you, but my animals are my family. I would be devastated if I got sick and someone stole my dogs from me and put them up for adoption.

I am very glad that this came out the way it did but, it doesn’t change the fact that this man even being in this situation in the first place is bullshit.



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