This Weeks TBR

Due to having a new baby, I have gotten a little behind on my reading. I may not be able to finish these by Sunday, but I will do my best.

The Split Book

Summary from Amazon:

You’re sick.

What if a cure = the truth?

What if the truth was worse than the disease?

You need to be cured . . . veil jumper . . .

You’re sick . . . moonshine monster . . .

You’re not aware . . . verse skipper . . .

GO AWAY, you tell it. It can’t be . . . you have a voice in your head like everyone else. But the voice changes. It’s you, but different . . . from another time? Questions your reality, your friends, and your sanity. He tells you things before they happen. You feel them too. You don’t want him in your head – this is your life, not his. What does he have to hide?

Aurik was caught in the Split line. A joint experiment between countries, the slit experiment, ruins the planet’s petroleum. Changes life and changes kids. Physical and mental disorders plague them and continue to get worse along with confusing extrasensory powers. Compelled to seek help, they go the only place they can; the island.

Aurik is no different, except for the voice in his head. Everybody believes the island can help, but he knows better. His brother went three years before and returned home in a lead box. A lead box with a window.

Aurik’s change starts then he meets other kids with the change. Together they make the long, dangerous trip for help but something isn’t right at the island. They already know Aurik.

He’s never been there.


visionsight cover

Summary from Amazon:

Jenna Stevens sees the future. But only when she looks into her loved ones’ eyes. And it’s driving her crazy because she can’t prevent all the misery and heartache lying in wait. She quickly decides the gift of “vision-sight” she inherited from her mother is actually a curse.

So she distances herself from everyone she cares about, throwing herself into her acting career and the arms of a young director. But she’s haunted by her visions and begins drinking as her life spirals out of control.

VisionSight is the story of a young woman’s search for courage as she tries to figure out how to help the people she loves. What she doesn’t realize is that she must save herself as well. A heartfelt novel of secrets and unexpected love.

Magical Realism and Contemporary Women’s Fiction.



Are any on your list?



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