Teach Your Children to be Fair.


As a parent there are so many things I wish I hadn’t done or could go back in time and change. Things come out of my mouth that I can’t believe I even said to my son.

For example,

My son was wanting something at the store. I had no intention of getting it for him. I didn’t have the money. I tried to get him to settle for something else without telling him why. I never burden my child with money issues. He is only two. Money is my problem. Not his. He kept asking me why. I finally got frustrated and blurted out “because life isn’t fair and we don’t get what we want when we want it”.

If I could go back in time I would smack myself for saying such a thing. 

Do you know why? Because it’s a total contradiction to everything else I teach him. 

Like sharing. 

I am forever telling my son he needs to share and be fair. But, when he asks me a legitimate question I turn around and tell him that even though I am telling him he has to be fair that no one else will or is.

What a horrible lesson to teach him.

I know that life isn’t fair. That people go hungry. Kids go hungry. Animals go hungry. People are homeless. People die from treatable diseases because they don’t have money for healthcare.

Here’s the thing though…..LIFE SHOULD BE FAIR. 

If I tell my son his whole life that life isn’t fair he will assume that’s just how it is and feel powerless to change things.

Society isn’t stagnant. It can be changed. 

After I realized what I said I  looked at my adorable two year old son and I explained myself. I told him the truth. That I couldn’t get it for him right then but that I would try to get it another day. I told him that Mommy was wrong and that life can be fair if each person cares about one another and makes it that way.

That’s the legacy I want to leave with my child.

That wrongs can be righted if we make an effort to change them.

3 thoughts on “Teach Your Children to be Fair.

  1. Life should be fair. Absolutely correct. But only we can make that happen by honing our sense of empathy and compassion, by ensuring that each and every day we attempt to practice what we preach. And, most importantly, we need to emphasize those qualities over selfishness and greed, which dominate our world today. Good post. Very important lesson.

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