5 Star Thriller “Walk In The Flesh” Peter Bailey

Summary from Amazon:

After terrorists killed his wife, scientists used nanotechnology to turn Neil into something that was not quite human. As a man he was unpleasant, dangerous and of little use. As wetwear, he is unpleasant, very dangerous and extremely useful. He kills without mercy, then erases the evidence by destroying his temporary body. The aftermath is someone else’s problem.

The scientists that created this weapon knew they had made a monster. They did not know that Neil was monstrous before they started. What do they tell their superiors when Neil’s atrocities escalate? With every mission a success, will the bureaucrats even care?

But Neil is worse than homicidal and psychopathic, he’s untidy. When he leaves his severed head in Iran, he leaves a pathologist a puzzle to solve. If she succeeds, it will destroy England’s only chance to survive in a terrorists’ transformed world. The humanity of every member of this top secret team will be stretched to the limit when they are ordered to send this powerful psychotic assassin on a rescue mission.

This book has been personally reviewed by AlliesOpinions. We gave it 5 stars! To see the review click the link:

Walk In The Flesh

Review Stats

Amazon: 4.1 average!

Goodreads: 4 average!

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AMAZON – 2.99 Kindle


About The Author

Peter Bailey Author Pic

Peter lives in England with his long-suffering wife. He originally trained as a teacher, but now supports Microsoft windows and ArcSight ESM. His first story was a fictionalized account of a disastrous trip to Las Vegas with a dental abscess. Since then, he has written a vampire story (without any actual vampires) and about a perfectly ordinary day at the office that will last for eternity. Walk in the Flesh is his first book, and possibly the only book based on a scene from the 1966 film Arabesque.

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This book has the AlliesOpinions official stamp of approval! We highly recommend this book!

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