Remember That Mommy Tried

This picture is speaking volumes to me lately. After recently giving birth to my second child I have been doing my best to be super mom and still keep the momentum I had with one kid. 

Thing is, I now have two kids. One of which is a newborn who seemingly never sleeps.

I have been doing my best to make sure that the house is kept clean. That clothes are washed and put away. Real food is available for consumption. I have pushed the sleep out of my eyes and barreled through like the mom warrior I am.

It’s not sustainable though.

Those craft projects I did so often with my two year old son have slowed. The outside adventures we took to look for bugs in the dirt and birds in the trees have almost stopped.

Because I only have so much to give. The baby can’t spend lots of time outside because it’s cold as crap out there. She needs 5 trillion diaper changes a day.

There just isn’t the time I used to have.

I found myself crouched in the shower crying because I felt like my son wasn’t getting the best I could give him. He wasn’t getting all the activities and adventures I had been giving him. I sat there as the hot water poured over me and balled.

For the record, I am not usually a crier. Things hit me hard though.

You know what? My son couldn’t care less. He is too busy trying to help me take care of his sister. 

He absolutely loves talking to her and making sure she has a blanket. He tells her about his favorite shows and displays his favorite toys.

When his daddy gets home they play outside. The hubs helps me with the baby and anything else that needs doing.

As I thought all this through in the shower I stood up and told myself that I was doing a damn good job. That my kids will always know I did my very best. Even when my best is only ok.

So, don’t beat yourself up Momma. Kick ass and take names like you have been doing all along. Your best (even when it’s just ok) is plenty good enough.




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