Top Ten Tuesday – Resolutions


This weeks Top Ten Tuesday comes from The Broke and the Bookish

1: Keep my truck clean. This is actually a bigger deal than it sounds. For once I have a nice truck and it is already full of toys, junk mail and random books. I need to take better care of it.

2: Buy myself some clothes. After giving birth to my daughter I realized that damn near everything I own is either completely worn out or maternity clothes.  No one wants to wear maternity clothes when they aren’t pregnant.

3: Stop being the only one who tries in my friendships.  If I’m the only one who calls you or drives to your house to hang out, that’s stopping now. Friendship is a two way street and it would be nice if someone actually came to my house for once.

4: Make time to have actual dates with the hubs. This is a big deal. In order for us to have our date nights (usually just watch a movie at the house, we are homebodies) we have to stay up incredibly late. This means the hubs passes out about mid movie and I end up watching it by myself.

5: Decorate my living room. Literally the only thing on the wall in my living room is the mount of a buck my hubs shot when he was a teen. The rest of the walls are empty.

6: Take more bubble baths. I need time to wind down too. From now on I will make it a point to make time to relax.

7: Stop staying up ridiculously late to do dishes. The world isn’t going to end if I leave them in the sink overnight.

8: Start movie nights with my kiddos. Mason is two and loves movies. I want to take more time to actually cuddle him and watch a movie. Popcorn and everything.

9: Actually let my husband help me more with the kids. He is forever trying to help me do stuff. Especially with the new baby. He’s always getting onto me about sharing night feedings. So, because I am exhausted, I’m going to ask for help. *cringe*

10: I would say I need to try and cook more but I’m sure my husband and son want to actually be able to eat the food. So, I won’t torture them in that way. What I will do is help the hubs more in the kitchen.  Surely I can’t screw stuff up too bad if he is supervising lmao.

There you have it.


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