The Big Scary Poop

Mason handsome man

I’m not really sure why, but Mason is scared of pooping in the toilet. Every single time he sits on the toilet, when I know he has to poop, he will do his best to hold it in. It’s a waiting game. I have to outlast him. The whole time he is on the toilet he will yell help.

This of course makes me feel like a bad person. 

I do my best to be soothing and try to distract him from his fear. 

I even ply him with marshmallows. (don’t judge me)

Tonight was no different. 

Mason clearly had to poop.

Poop face was engaged. He was circling the bath tub with that look that kids get when they are trying to find the best place to poo.

The husband caught on to this just in time and put him on the potty. Mason was pissed. He panicked and commenced his Help Me’s.

We waited him out and he finally pooped. We clapped and told him how good of a job he did. We gave him his marshmallows and whooped. 

He just looked relieved to be off the potty.

I am ready for this stage to be over. Like yesterday.

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