Oklahoma cuts 46.8 MILLION from education.

Oklahoma road sign

Board member Leo Baxter said the decision not to make blanket 3 percent cuts was a “good outcome in a bad situation.”

A good outcome in a bad situation. 

I’m starting with that quote because I think it perfectly describes my state officials complete lack of regard for the disastrous effects these cuts will have.

46.8 MILLION dollars. We are talking about an incredible amount of money here. This could very well mean schools shutting down. This means the already crap education that is being given to these kids is going to get exceedingly worse.

This is at no fault of the teachers. Oh, I’m sure there are some bad apples but most of these teachers want to teach and do their best for these kids. Problem is, they also want to make enough money at their job to live on. In Oklahoma, that’s damn near impossible. I have friends who have teaching degrees that run in home daycares or work retail because they can’t live off a teaching salary. 

Oklahoma pays it’s teachers an incredibly low wage. $34,100 is how much a teacher from an article I am including in this post makes a year. She waits tables on the weekends.

This is someone with a college degree who can’t make enough money teaching so she has to take a second job waiting tables. A college educated woman waiting tables. 

Let that sink it.

So, we know the cuts aren’t due to high teacher salaries. Honestly, they aren’t due to teachers at all. Oklahoma is currently experiencing an extreme teacher shortage. There are 403  vacancies in Oklahoma City Public school district alone. That’s one area of the state. 

Oklahoma schools are ranked 49th in the nation. 49TH! So, clearly tax money hasn’t been poured into the schools the last few years either.

Here is what I want to know……Where the hell is all that tax money going?? Also, what about the lottery money that is supposed to go towards education? Where is that going?

It’s not being excessively poured into infrastructure. Our roads are some of the worst.

It’s not being poured into funding for the poor. We all know how they are treated in Oklahoma.

Clearly, it’s not going to the schools. 

So, where the hell is all that tax money going?

I think it’s time that we as Oklahoman’s get pissed and start asking questions. 

The only way our kids are going to get a good education now is if we home-school them or sell our souls to pay for private schools. Those are options many people just don’t have. 

The programs they cut from make me sick. Math and sciences. Because a stupid population is an easily controlled one. And of all things, food. They cut the lunch program. In a state with an extremely high child poverty rate…..this is intolerable.

I grew up incredibly poor. That free breakfast and lunch I was given at school was usually the only food I had. I know there are thousands of kids who are going through that very thing right now and it breaks my heart.

If you want to learn more, I am including links to the original stories I pulled my information from. Check them out and raise your voice against this bull crap. 




P.s. Keep an eye out. I’m going to do more digging into this subject and I will be reporting my findings here.


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