Beer of the Week


My husband and I have been trying out different beers. The liquor store in town has a whole wall of beer from around the world. 

We were curious…so we bought some beer from Germany. We were thinking Oktoberfest. German’s surely make great beer. Plus, the name of the beer just looks cool. We googled how to say it….and…well….we still can’t say it. 

We were not disappointed. We bought a six pack. Its delicious.

It has this fancy foil on top. I felt like this was the beer you need to drink with your pinky out. PINKY OUT.

I didn’t…..but I felt like I should.

This was a darker beer with a bit of a bite. It does have some bitterness but Daniel and I both really like it.

Keep an eye out for our beer of the week posts!


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