Stop Making The Title Of Your Book 46264926 Words Long!

Attention Authors:

Stop making the title of your book 4735835768 words long. Just Stahp.

download (5)

When I see a book whose title is literally a synopsis of the story…..


I can’t…..I just can’t. 

I mean, honestly, if your title is 15 words long….we have a problem. Title’s are supposed to be short and sweet yet descriptive. They are supposed to be just as eye catching as the cover image.

Don’t fail me on this. Books are my life…..just….don’t ….screw it up with your “hey my title is the longest in known history” crap.


I see how this can come across as harsh…..but….this is a real issue in my life that I need solved. 

sorry not sorry1

So, handle it people. Please.

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