Do Me A Favor And Teach Your Kid To Share

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I would like to say that I’m not out here trying to tell you how to parent your kid….but that would be a lie. I am here telling you how to parent your kid but, I have a very good reason why.

Twice a week I take Mason to the library. We go for two reasons. First off, we need new books. Secondly, my son needs the extra social interaction.

The big problem I’m having is definitely not with the books. It’s the kids. These little (pardon my french) asshole kids are horrible to each other and my son.

They don’t share.

I have watched as kids literally try to rip toys from my two year olds hands. He’s strong and they usually don’t succeed….even before I interrupt.

Know what gets my goose? The fact that the parents of these little toy thief’s DON’T SAY A DAMN THING TO THEIR KID as they are attempting their toy thievery. Not only that but they evil look me for telling their kid to share. What the hell people?

I don’t know what goes on at other people’s houses, but in my house, my kids share their damn toys. Period. No if’s ands or buts. We freaking share.

So, when these other children try to rip toys from my son’s hands…..I intervene and tell those children to share the libraries toys. If one kid has a toy, you don’t get to rip it from their hands to play with it. 

No toy tug o’ war.

Not on my watch. 

So, parent’s of the world, I need your attention…..teach your damn kids to share.

You are raising the next generation of this planet.

Do me a favor and make sure your not raising a bunch of greedy little assholes.

Kay Thanks Bye.

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