Children’s Book Review “The Lonely Leaf” by Theresa Jacobs

The Lonely Leaf Cover

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Louis is a small leaf that is bullied and because of that he feels his life is worthless. When he meets a new friend, he finds out he is stronger than he thought he was. Louis the little leaf ends up saving a life and proves that a small leaf can do just as much as a big leaf.

This book was adorable. The illustrations are cute and colorful. They also follow the story which makes me happy. It annoys me when the illustrations don’t follow the story.

I think this book has a good message to send to children. No matter how small you are… you are not powerless. You can make a difference. That is a great message to share with our children.

The story of the leaf is attention getting and adorable. My son got pretty invested in this book.

I did like this book…however….it has some really odd phrasing and some incorrect punctuation. These issues keep the story from flowing the way it should.

Because of these issues I am granting this book 3 stars.


The Technical Data:

Title: The Lonely Leaf | Author(s): Theresa Jacobs |

Publisher: Amazon / Publication Date: 1-28-2016 |Pages: 11 (Kindle) | ISBN: B01B78ME84 | Genre(s): Children’s Book  |Language:English | Rating: 3 out of 5 |  Date Read: 2-2-2016 | Source: Copy from author

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