Do Not Show Up At Nap Time.

nap meme

A word to the wise. Do not show up at my house at nap time. Actually, don’t do that to any parent. It makes us hate you deep inside our souls for your inconsiderateness. 

I don’t know why it always happens this way but on the rare occasion I have a visitor they ALWAYS show up at nap time.

I swear the world has a secret pact to ruin my life.

It’s not just my friends. It’s the mailman. It’s my landlord. It’s the dang neighbor. It’s the whole dang world.

Let me explain something to you non-parents. Toddlers need naps. When they don’t get them, their cute little faces scrunch up into evil and they do everything in their power to ruin your life.

They scream at the top of their lungs for no reason. Nothing you do will stop this.

They attempt to break every single thing they can.

They turn into the worst kind of Evil Knievel and perform shady stunts on any piece of furniture you own.

Basically, they are gremlins. 

Sleep deprived toddler equals a horrible evening for mommy and daddy.

So, word to the wise….just don’t do it.

tantrum meme

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