Parents Get Off Your Damn Phone.

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First off, the irony is not lost on me that I am typing this message to parents on a computer instead of playing with my kids. To head off any nasty comments about hypocrisy, my kids are both napping (for once in their lives they are both asleep at the same time).

Now that we have that out of the way let’s begin today’s rant.

My daughter Fianna has had some tummy trouble’s so my husband and I took her to the Doctor today. While waiting our turn, we noticed a few things that made us shake our heads.

There was a teen mother with her mother and the teen’s baby in the waiting room. Teen moms usually make me inwardly cringe. That’s due to the fact that I know life is going to be rough for both mother and child. Having a baby young is never a great idea. 

What really made me cringe was that the baby in question was around a year old and still in a small baby carrier. The car seat carrier was way too small for this child. This is incredibly unsafe. Call me crazy but I said something to the mother about the carrier. They never even looked up from their phones. They both shrugged off my suggestion. SHRUGGED! I wasn’t rude or anything. I just kindly informed them that the car seat was inadequate for the size of the child and would not correctly protect the child.

What really broke my heart was the baby trying to get both of their attention. He was yelling “HEY MOMMA…HEY MOMMA HEY MOMMA!”. They didn’t even glance at him. My two year old son went over and starting talking to him and they shared a small child conversation. The subject of which I couldn’t even begin to guess at. The pair still hadn’t even looked at the baby. 

It broke my heart that this baby was trying his damndest to get some attention. Here he was the most adorable baby ever begging his mom and grandma to look at him. 

It made me sick inside. When we finally got called back I couldn’t hold it in any longer and I cried a little for that child.

My husband gave me a hug and we both looked at our two precious children. I am rarely on my phone when my kids are awake. I am usually either playing with them or doing chores. My children never have to beg me for attention and they never will. 

So, my message to you is to unplug. Get off that phone and tablet. Close the laptop and play with your kids. Give them the attention they deserve. They are only little for a little while.

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