Potty Training Adventures

Potty training meme

The terrible two’s have landed people. They are here with flippin bells on. 

Trying to potty train in the midst of all this toddler angst is going to give me a drinking problem…jk!?

 Mason did surprisingly well at first. He peed when I put him on the potty pretty much every time. He even started to tell me when he needed to poo so I could put him on the potty. I really thought this was going to be easy.

Why oh why did I ever allow myself to think that?

Now, we have hit regression. Mason is stealth ninja hiding to poop. 

He channels his inner Flash and runs when I even get close to the bathroom.

Patience…I need patience. Someone ship me some. Overnight it. Next day air that shit.

Bribing isn’t even working anymore. I can’t believe my marshmallow monster is boycotting marshmallows. Now, I have nothing to bribe him with.

It’s back to the books on this one and they all say not to push it so I’m backing off. Which really sucks. Like, REALLY sucks. I was enjoying not having to use five thousand wipes every poopy diaper. I was enjoying the two total diaper changes a day. It was working out for me. 

Especially while having a newborn. I mean, I’m getting my fill of diapers with her. 

So, we’re on potty training hold for awhile. Look’s like Mason’s changing pad and I are going to get reacquainted.

Joy. So much joy.

potty training meme 1


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