Book Review “Touched By A Phoenix” by Sophia Byron

Touched by a phoenix cover

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TOUCHED BY A PHOENIX by Sophia Byron is the 2015 GOLD MEDAL WINNER in the Readers’ Favorite Awards International Book Awards – Romance Sizzle Category

Playboy Brad Scott spent years avoiding love, his heart and mind dedicated to only one thing—global security. That is, until he meets the elusive Alexandria Saunders, daughter of one of the wealthiest men in military technology and the fiercest corporate attorney in the mixing bowl. Alexis tears Brad’s world apart the moment they meet and with a single touch, becomes the breath against his fire…his obsession.

With Alexis at his side, he has realized the greatest breakthrough of the century in military technology. Now, the world wants what he knows and will stop at nothing to hunt him down.

SHOCKINGLY DANGEROUS: Touched by a Phoenix is a sizzling romantic suspense containing explicit sexual content, which is intended for Mature Audiences only.

I’ll start off by saying that I do not typically review books of this nature and I accepted this review request to keep my review genres mixed. I did not expect so many sex scenes. Boy, was I surprised.

The writing in this book is a bit wordy but had depth. I felt that I knew a lot about both Alexis and Brad by the end of the book. Their world was well fleshed out.

I could see this book translate well into film. In my opinion, it would work best as a TV series instead of a movie.

This book really has all the things you need to have a good suspense / romance. You have the hot lawyer who has a rough past and seems unyielding and unattainable. You have the super hot genius who was a playboy but falls head over heels for the hardest to get girl.

And….you have lots and lots of steamy sex.

Add to that the military aspect and the super weapon…well you have a winner winner chicken dinner.

I enjoyed the book. I typically go for less used themes but you gotta admit that sometimes you like to fall back into those themes that are consistently good though predictable.

The writing was the bomb . com and the story was great.

5 star book!

5 stars

The Technical Data:

Title: Touched by a Phoenix  ( Book 1 ) |Author(s): Sophia Byron |

Publisher: Self Published / Publication Date: 4-24-2015 |Pages: 608 (Print) | ISBN: 9780692392034)  | Genre(s): Romance / Suspense |Language:English | Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 3-20-2016 |Source: Copy from Author

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