Local News Thursday’s -Prius Crashes Into The Least Legit Looking Funeral Home Ever

Funeral home crash story

Link to the video HERE.


I want to first say how this is the least legit funeral home I have ever seen. This….well….it looks like a barn.

I realize it’s a crematorium. But…I just….it’s creepy. I mean, it looks like a barn. A regular barn. Not like…oh you know….a place where bodies are burned.

Even better, a flipping Prius is what comes crashing through the place. I mean, the crematorium part is eerie and gives the story a bit of creep vibe…

But, that’s pretty much destroyed by the least imposing car ever making an abrupt appearance.

Imagine if you will this scene played out in a black and white twilight zone type film. Tone is set. The bad guys are burning bodies and laughing mischievously. That suspenseful music starts playing….and everyone dramatically looks at the wall in over done fear and BOOM it’s a Prius.

I just can’t. I mean….just….I can’t.

Prius 2


News story and images from Channel 6.

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