Local News Thursday -Oklahoma Needs To Put Education First!

School quotes 1

Like many Oklahoman’s, I am angry. Our state is in such a horrible financial crisis that the public school system (which has continually suffered budget cuts) is now in survival mode.

This means cutting the school year short. Oklahoma already has one of the shortest school years at 180 mandatory days. Now, they are talking about knocking that down to 175! This, after all that effort to EXTEND the school year due to its academic benefits.

School systems are cutting bus services and knocking the school week down to 4 days. They are doing anything they can to just stay open.

What fucking country do we live in where this is even an issue? Isn’t this America? The place that is supposed to be full of opportunities?

What a joke.

Public education is on par with healthcare for the most important establishments we have. Without a good education, you can literally do nothing with your life. You have NO opportunities to better your plight.

I am angry! I am so angry that Oklahoma’s politicians have created this disgusting situation.

Oklahoma needs a local political revolution. We need to get out and vote these bastards out. We need major reforms! We need change. Change for the better. This is an unacceptable burden to place on our children. They are paying the price for the governments mistakes.

I will be out there voting for people who will help fix this debacle. Raise your voice. Our children deserve an education. They deserve healthcare. They deserve food for fucks sake.


I can not believe that in 2016 this is even an issue. What a complete failure.

political revolution

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