Book Review “Not Your Mother’s Goose” by Topher Goggin

not your mothers goose cover

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Not Your Mother’s Goose proves that fairy tales and nursery rhymes aren’t just for kids anymore. Envision it as the Cliffs Notes of children’s stories — if Cliffs Notes was overtaken by Dave Barry or the folks at The Onion. Not Your Mother’s Goose is a series of totally irreverent, mega-sarcastic fairy tale recaps, along with a host of hilarious fake news stories and headlines ranging from Rapunzel getting a bikini wax to Old MacDonald bombing on Wheel of Fortune after only buying vowels. Mix in illustrations reminiscent of Gary Larson’s classic Far Side cartoons, and you’re left with a madcap read that will leave you laughing all the way from Rumpelstiltskin’s Twitter feed to Humpty Dumpty’s Facebook page (where Jack is still trying to grow a beanstalk—in FarmVille).

I can honestly say I laughed out loud multiple times while reading this. From the very sarcastic re-cap of Bambi to the Facebook and Twitter pages of Rumpelstiltskin I promise you will laugh until you cry. Happy tears of course.

I am a sarcastic person so this was right up my alley (pun intended). There was just enough inappropriateness sprinkled here and there to keep it funny without being too crass.

The re-telling of each story is unique and creative. Even the “reviews” on the back of the book are hilarious.

This whole book is just what you need on a crap day to lighten the mood and laugh a little. 

I love how this book pulls no punches. It hits on all kinds of characters from the real world to the world of pretend. You have O. J. Simpson, a dig on the Jehovah’s Witness’, Rachel Ray and even Abraham Lincoln is mentioned. 

It’s a lot like walking into the best comedy club ever. 

I give this exciting piece of hilarity 5 stars!

5 stars

The Technical Data:

Title: Not Your Mother’s Goose | Author(s): Topher Groggin |

Publisher:  CRD Press / Publication Date: 6-29-2015 |Pages: 68 (Kindle Edition) |
ISBN: B010NXY7JI  | Genre(s): Humor / Fairy Tales |Language:English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 4-12-2016 | Source: Copy From Author

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