Discussion Topics: Bad Reviews

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As a book reviewer who reads a shit ton of books, I am bound to run across at least one really crap book. It happens. It puts me as a reviewer in a really tight spot. I know how much blood, sweat and tears goes into just writing a novel. Not to mention the vulnerability of submitting it to the whim of a reviewer. 

When reviewing a book I try not to let all of those thoughts cloud up my mind. I need to be honest. I need to look at the book with an open mind. I need to read it as it is, and not as I want it to be. Because I want every book I read to be awesome. I want all of these authors to do well. I want to love your book.

Reality can sometimes be a bitch though. Because I don’t always love your book. Sometimes it is downright horrible.

When I come across a book with issues, I always try to let the author know via email first. I tell them honestly what made it bad and what I think could make it better. A lot of times it really just needs a good editor. 

Here is what I most want authors to take from this post. Any criticism that I make of your work is honestly and truly constructive.

I want your work to be great! I want it to do well! 

Let me know your thoughts on the matter. 

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5 thoughts on “Discussion Topics: Bad Reviews

  1. It’s a really tough one. I think as a writer and a reviewer that honesty is the best policy. If someone read my book and absolutely hated it, I’d want to know why – what was bad about it? What could I improve? How can I make my work better? It’s also important to maintain you credibility as a reviewer, I think. If you just review everything as 5-star-amazing, no-one is going to trust your reviews and then it’s all a bit pointless.

    The things that are said in a negative might hurt, sure – you’re right, a book is a lot of work and tears and effort, but I think as long as the criticism is constructive and not just plain and nasty slating, then most authors can handle the truth. Blind and false praise helps no-one – not the author, not the reviewer, and certainly not possible future readers.

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    • Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more. I always try to fully explain why I rated something the way I did. Your right about rating honestly too. I’m pretty selective on what I review too. I don’t agree to read something I don’t think I’ll like. It helps keep things unbiased.

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      • That’s a great idea. It’s hard to review something that you didn’t like just because you don’t like the genre/style etc. It’s unfair to review it badly just because of your personal tastes (assuming that the book in itself was otherwise good), but it’s hard to review it well if you didn’t enjoy it.

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  2. If it’s constructive, then I agree. It can help people improve. Unfortunately, some reviewers like to pin the faults of the book on the author and undermine their worth. I understand blogs that make funny, biting reviews, but attacking the author is too far.

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